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On SU Arunkumar’s Chithha, POCSO Act, Safety & More

Hello. In the latest episode we visit one of the best films of 2023, SU Arunkumar’s Chithha starring Siddharth, Sahasra Shree, Aafiya Tasneem, Nimisha Sajayan, Anjali Nair and others.

Some trigger warnings might apply and this is a spoiler filled discussion as the film deals with child sexual abuse. We have two special guests joining Aditya in this episode.

S. Poorvaja is a journalist with The Hindu and has extensively covered and reported stories related to Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act. Some are linked below.

Sannuthi Suresh works with Tulir Centre for the Prevention and Healing Child Sexual Abuse and is a psychotherapist. We talk about how the film portrays a sensitive issue, how much it gets right about the functioning of law, police investigations, the healing process, the POCSO case proceedings and more.

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Sannuthi Suresh

Some POCSO stories reported by Poorvaja:

POCSO: a case study

After recent case of sexual misconduct, spotlight on need for child protection policy in schools

A spate of sexual misconduct charges is rocking Chennai’s schools

Subha Rao’s interview of Siddharth and SU Arunkumar

Baradwaj Rangan’s interview of SU Arunkumar

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