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Episode 75: Arundhati

The film that made Anushka Shetty a trailblazer and a legitimate superstar in the South. A film so mad, so crazy and so much going for it that you cannot take your eyes off it even if you’d cower just a little bit. Kodi Ramakrishna’s Arundhati is a legendary film in Telugu cinema but even its very existence is couched in legends as Hemanth Kumar CR tells us in this podcast with anecdote after anecdote. Joining him are Max and Yamini. Listen on.

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  1. harsha harsha

    One thing worth a mention was the void in this genre of films(fantasy, broadly), right after ‘Devi(1998) and before Arundhati(2009)- I feel this was caused by the success of dubbed versions of Hollywood filmsw into Telugu in this timespan- the Mummy frahcnise, for example i.e. the market for these original fantasy telugu films was taken over to an extent by films dubbed by the likes of ‘Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Films’ and released in B and C centers(their iconic trailers 🙂 )

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Great point! Thanks for sharing!

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