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Episode 63: Director Madhumita on Majid Majidi’s Children of Heaven

In this episode, Madhumita, who recently directed the wonderful KD (a) Karuppudurai joins us for a chat. We had asked her what’s that one film she’d love to talk about and she chose Majid Majidi’s 1997 film Children of Heaven, a film that turned her towards a filmmaking career. Madhumita chats with Aditya about the film and on topics ranging from her film KD, directing and writing children, on Satyajit Ray, Anjali, Asghar Farhadi and more.

You can find Aditya’s review of KD (a) Karuppudurai here. The film is streaming on Netflix.


  1. Lakshmi Lakshmi

    Hai everyone… a nice platform to bring unknown information from known people… it does make one think after hearing the whole story in different angles especially when someone has’nt seen the film. Will surely watch the film… Thanks to all involved n to Madhumita mam for being so clear n crisp…

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Thanks so much for listening!

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