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Episode 55: Kirumi

Hello and Happy New Year from the team of The Other Banana Podcast! It’s not got off on a happy note, mind you, what with the anti-CAA/NRC/NRP protests and the general discontent across the country. Much needed action, of course. Maybe there is hope in this fight.

On that note, our first episode of 2020. We talk about an underrated, less discussed film. Anucharan’s KIRUMI. It trains its focus on one man, Kathir as Kathir, who is unemployed and is hired as an unofficial hand by the police. Through his experience, we get to witness the power wielded by these unofficial henchmen and the larger picture of the state-police-criminal nexus comes into view. Consider the violence in UP/Delhi and yesterday’s attack in the JNU campus, this film’s storyline seemed topical. Listen on, we have full team attendance.

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