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Episode 30: Petta

We couldn’t get everyone together when Kaala released and published a blogpost instead. With Petta releasing, we wanted to ensure we did not repeat the same. So we hauled in everyone last weekend and some of us had pretty diverse opinions in this impromptu discussion on the film. We cover everything from the film references to the politics of the movie in the discussion!


  1. Hey guys…first time listener. Enjoyed the discussion. Keep up the good work!

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement BennychettA! (sorry couldn’t avoid the Angamaly Diaries reference 🙂 ) Please keep listening and providing feedback!

  2. Varun Ramakrishnan Varun Ramakrishnan

    I found you all a few months back but then never really started listening because I’ve never really listened to Podcasts. But, I started listening a few weeks back and I binged the first 20 episodes and as a tamilian studying in the US now I get excited everytime one of you mention your time in the US.
    Along with that, all your analysis and conversations are really interesting. Especially Virumandi! I some stuff and got the character parallels between the Kamal, Pasupathi, and Napolean but I never knew that their relationship was based on the folklore of Mayan-Peyan-Viruman (Do you know where I can read more about that?)
    I would love to listen your thoughts on KB, Bharathiraja, and Balu Mahendra films. Do you plan on doing an episode on them? Or maybe Hey Ram (Lot of potential!), and Kuruthipunal?
    Overall, great going and I can’t wait to binge the next 15!

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Varun – Thanks so much for binge listening and the feedback. We have a list of films the members and our audience want to talk about. It’s a list that we keep adding to and editing often. I think we tend to stay away from the films that have had a lot written about them on the internet because it impacts the novelty of what we put out so we can certainly add the ones you mention to the list.

      Keep listening and tell your friends!

      • Varun Ramakrishnan Varun Ramakrishnan

        I think that makes perfect sense!
        One of the Cabal even says “That’s why we won’t do Hey Ram” and then another guy says “Yeah but that’s why we’ll do Aalavandhan” 😂
        Speaking about movies that don’t have a lot written about them, I feel Selvaraghavan’s filmography is perfect for that (unless the Cabal feels strongly about his films 😂).

        • tlc_admin tlc_admin

          Oh we certainly have a lot of thoughts on Selvaraghavan’s films. We’ve been wanting to do Ayirathil Oruvan forever, but cant seem to find a good version on any streaming platform.

          • Chandran Chandran

            It’s available on Eros Now. Have you tried that? It can be accessed sometimes with prime video

          • tlc_admin tlc_admin

            Thanks, will check!

          • I apologize for bringing this comment up from the past.
            However, Do you know where I can read more about the Mayan-Peyan-Virman folklore?
            I haven’t been able to find anything online – the top result when I google it is my initial comment in this thread!

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