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Episode 21: Angamaly Diaries

Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Angamaly Diaries, was a much feted movie from 2017 that every member of the cabal loved. So it is no surprise that episode 21 of the podcast marked the return of the cabal back to full strength to discuss this feature.

Music for the pod from this sweet song.

P.S: Some interesting reading/viewing material referenced in the pod

  • Lijo Jose Pellissery breaking up the 11 minute one-shot take that serves as the climax of Angamaly Diaries



  1. haythhawk haythhawk

    Love your reviews. But please don’t call us mallu. It is kind of irritating. You can call malayalee or malayalam movie.

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Thanks for the love! And appreciate the feedback. We tend to slip into colloquialisms which we can be more careful about.

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