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Episode 19: Fidaa

The Cabal talks about Fidaa, nay Sai Pallavi, with guest @Chinizyaada. Shekhar Kammula is good where he is comfortable and out of sorts in most other places. And of course, the discussion couldn’t help but steer to that other romance that is set from the female POV, Om Shanthi Oshaana.

Music from this lovely number.


  1. harsha harsha

    Appropos( :)) to the location being set in US/ Austin- if I remember correctly, Sekhar Kammula said during the movie promo interviews that his time in the US had a positive influence on him and wanted to portray US life in a movie. His first movie was ‘Dollar Dreams’, which was the Thesis/final-project for his Masters course in film making. Also, I feel the fact that someone from US looking for a wedding match and chancing upon someone in rural Telangana has a more dramatic effect(appears non-routine) than someone from Hyderabad/ within India doing so and the ‘non-conventional’ families only adds to that.
    And the Pawan Kalyan ‘presence’ in the movie-songs, posters, etc- I think it has to do with the hero’s ‘Tollywood family quota’ than anything else – mostly Varun Tej paying homage to his uncle PSPK. Usually in Mahesh babu’s movies there is a dialogue or scene where his father Krishna is referred to or some-such.

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Very fair point that the serendipitous joining of these 2 incomplete families across the world adds dramatic weight to the film. Thanks for continuing to listen!

  2. Jackie Treehorn Jackie Treehorn

    Like listening to your podcast. Would love to hear your thoughts on the following telugu movies:
    oohalu gusagusalAde

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Thank you for listening! The first is definitely on our list and will include the second as well!

  3. Swarna Swarna

    Great stuff, loved it!! “Varun Tej is the Abhay Deol of Chiranjeevi family”, that analogy & the Thomas Jane mention!! Too too good!

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Padamati Sandhya Raagam FTW! Thanks so much for listening, keep coming back, and do tell friends! 🙂

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