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Episode 10: (Valentine’s Special) Arjun Reddy

The Cabal addresses two primary criticisms leveled at podcasts – just a bunch of guys letting their friends speak for too long – by inviting some special guests to talk about Arjun Reddy; one of the most polarizing Telugu films of 2017.

Much thanks to our special guests Krupa , Ranjani and Ideallaedi!

Music from Sethu, as a precursor to Bala’s slated remake of Arjun Reddy.


  1. Neo3nity Neo3nity

    Guys massive fan of ur podcasts , esp on Kamal Hassan films. Found u guys after thiagarajan kumararaja tweet.

    But this one was blaring hypocrisy. Are we going to ignore massive hordes of women swooning over Arjun Reddy. Are we going to ignore the fact may be Shalini put up with all tat cos he’s good looking and comes from a really affluent family. Are we gonna pretend like there are no relationships where the lady is abusive.
    Abusive relationship are real , and it’s nothing to do with gender..the one who cares less holds the power
    The one who has power is bound to be aggressive.

    Regarding consent , if am not wrong it was well established that the girl is one of the Arjun Reddys patient’s fiancee having an affair with him, how is that a question of consent.

    And even in all the other movies you mentioned like Katru Veliyidai, Rj Balaji also liked Aditi..he didn’t come across as a misogynist or an asshole…but we all know who was getting it on with Aditi in the snow covered car.

    Looking forward to more discussions on Kamal films..

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Neo3nity: While what you say about ‘abusive’ relationships going both ways is true and that instances such as the ones in Arjun Reddy do happen in real life it’s the lionization of such behavior and men that needs to be questioned – especially when “massive hordes of women are swooning over Arjun Reddy…”. There is a reason the regular crew made way for female guests here. Please keep listening – to discussions on Kamal films and others.

  2. Buvi Buvi

    I am happy that you guys thrashed this movie and its uncertainties.

    Over hyped and the arrogance of the lead character was over justified in the movie.

    • tlc_admin tlc_admin

      Glad you liked it and agreed! Thanks for listening, and please tell your friends!

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